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Dear Parents,

Thank you for your interest in St. Paul’s Pre and Lower School, which serves children from infancy through grade 4. We hope these pages will give you a sense of what a special community we have at The St. Paul’s Schools.

It starts with a shared philosophy. At St. Paul’s, we believe that learning is not a passive process. Whether they are 6 years old or 16 months old, our students come to us curious by nature. Our goal is to help them discover the world through active exploration. With small class sizes and highly skilled teachers, we vary our instructional approaches to ensure that each child is consistently engaged and appropriately challenged. Our students do hands-on activities and experiments. They take the learning outside through unstructured play. They make predictions, reflect, and draw connections between ideas. In other words, they learn through experience, motivated by their own interest and creativity. Research shows that kids of all ages learn best this way.

The foundation for this educational approach—and the reason it works at St. Paul’s—is the supportive environment fostered by our outstanding teachers. We focus on creating a positive and nurturing setting where children feel safe to explore. We are dedicated to the growth of the whole child, not just intellectually but socially, emotionally and physically. Character education is a daily part of our curriculum, and our students understand and value what it means to be part of a community.

Please take your time exploring our website, and we invite you to visit our beautiful campus and see our thriving students and teachers in action. 


Isabel Coulter Nussbaumer ’90, LCSW-C
Executive Director of St. Paul’s Preschool

Bryan Powell, Ed.D.
Head of St. Paul’s Lower School


St. Paul's Pre and Lower School
11232 Falls Road BrooklandvilleMaryland 21022
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